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GoMobile Ad Vehicles and Broadway LED Billboards bring you LED display screens for your mobile advertising vehicles. Captivate your consumers in new and exciting ways with our state of the art technology and dynamic multi-media messages. Geo-target your high impact advertising directly to your customer.

  • Day and Night Activations
  • High Quality Imagery
  • Mixed Media Capabilities (Images, Video, & Audio)
  • Supports Multiple Messages
  • High-tech Video Processor
  • Short Production Time
  • Ability to Change Billboards Remotely

Enhance your operation, improve customer service and QUADRUPLE your monthly revenue while lowering your operating costs and simplifying the entire process.

Our state-of-the-art LED vehicles make cutting-edge LED TECHNOLOGY available to all operations, big and small. The spectrum of potential customers for your operation are UNLIMITED! Every business, special event, convention, trade show and fund-raising organization in the surrounding area of your city.

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Welcome to the website for GoMobile Advertising, home of the award-winning mobile billboard advertising and experiential marketing experts. GoMobile Ad Vehicles, a division of GoMobile Advertising (sometimes misspelled Go Mobile Advertising) is the largest manufacturer and distributor of mobile billboard trucks in the nation.

The future of out-of-home advertising is here and now is the perfect opportunity to seize the moment. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America states that the out-of-home advertising industry, which credits mobile billboard advertising as one of the many forms of current outdoor advertising, earned $1.07 billion in the first quarter of 2009.

Now is your chance to be a part of the largest affiliate network of mobile advertising vehicles in the world. At GoMobile Ad Vehicles we manufacture reliable and durable advertising trucks and trailers. But we don't just sell you mobile billboard trucks and wish you luck, we offer the training, business elements and expertise you need to make your mobile advertising business work for you. So why settle for less than partnering with the billboard truck experts? GoMobile Advertising offers you dependable advertising vehicles, and the very best of out-of-home mobile advertising know how.